Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween BUILD Centers!

We are still doing our BUILD centers everyday in second grade! I wanted to give a quick update on some of our centers. We continue to keep the old activities in the centers, but I spruced things up a bit with some new Halloween themed activities!

Frankenstein fact families-- I will start this one tomorrow and I can't wait! I think that I will pull some groups with me to complete this activity for a few minutes at a time. For example, if studentes are at the "D" center, I will pull the whole group for about ten minutes to work with me, then they can go back and continue their center activities. Here is a link! Frankenstein Fact Families for FREE

UPDATE*** I have been pulling the groups for about 10-15 minutes on the day that they are at the Buddy games center and I do the Frankenstein Fact Families with them! We complete the activity like it's a game. One student pulls a task card and all of the students see if they can come up with a fact family for the numbers or picture given. They love the Frankenstein on the cards!

At the "B" center, students can play a doubles game that has a pumpkin theme! For students that are still working to learn their basic doubles, there is a game board that deals with rolling one die, doubling the number, and covering your answer with a counter. For more advanced learners, there is  a game board where students can roll two dice, then double the sum of that addition problem and cover their answer with a counter! They love it! Here is the link-- Pumpkin doubles- FREE!

At the "D" center I added a baseball themed activity (nothing to do with Halloween-- but Tigers playoff games!!)  Students match the doubles fact or the near doubles fact to the bat or ball with the correct sum. Then students record their answers on the recording sheet. They turn these in to my bin and I look over them ASAP! :) Here is the link to the double header sums-- GOOOO TIGERS!!!

I will update with pictures soon!

2 weeks until Halloween ;-)
What will you be?!

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