Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wonderful Word Workers!

We FINALLY have word work as a Daily 5 choice! We were transitioning very slowly, but the kiddos are so excited about it! They are learning keyboarding this year, so I found a fun "i-Pad" type & write activity. I post their spelling words (according to Words Their Way) each week by the word work table. I have the "i-Pad's" laminated (I am soo tired of wasting paper) and students can use dry erase markers with pom-pom erasers that are at the table. They write their spelling words in the "app" boxes, then practice typing them out!

The catch? NO CHICKEN PECKING!! Students just learned what the home-row is. They have to keep their fingers on the home-row while they type! Integrated keyboarding and spelling lesson, woohoo! I love it and so do they! Oh, also- the i-Pads are missing the right pinky key-- we just drew it on.

I originally found the idea at Mrs. Gilchrist's Class blog- check it out :)

They can also use magnetic boards that have ribbon hangers. I put a little sticky hanger on the wall next to the word work table, and students can take them off and hang them up when they're finished.  The magnetic letters are right at the table for easy access, and students are only allowed to practice their spelling words on the magnetic boards. I found super cute chevron magnetic boards in the Target dollar bin right before school started. Target is my life.

Students can also do rainbow write, dry erase boards, and a few other easy and exciting activities.

Happy Sunday, have a fabulous week!


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