Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween crafts!

I'm running an after school craft program for the next four weeks. It's the perfect opportunity to do some Halloween and Thanksgiving crafts! I have students for about an hour.  I wanted to do a generic fall craft first, so we started by tracing our arms and hand on brown paper to make a tree trunk and then scrunching up fall colored tissue paper and gluing it all around the tree and on the ground. One student made leaf piles on the ground! It was cute, but I forgot to take pictures!

ANYWAY-- On to the Halloween craft. I saw a SUPER SIMPLE ghost craft on pinterest the other night but there was no template. I drew a ghost on a piece of white paper (rounded top with round waves at the bottom). Students put a little glue on a cotton ball (a dot does a lot!) and fills the ghost with cotton balls to make it white and fluffy. Once done with that, they can trace eyes and a mouth on black paper, cut it out, and glue it on top of the cotton balls. Here is one of our finished projects- and it was so cute and quick!!

You can see how there are gaps at the bottom (from the squiggly waves). Enjoy!

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