Thursday, November 21, 2013

Holiday Crafting

Ok- last one for the day! I haven't updated in a month, so I want to give you guys lots of different ideas! This has nothing to do with teaching, but during the power outage I had some extra time to decorate and get ready for the holidays...

I went to Michael's with a 50% an item coupon AND my teacher ID for another 15% discount, and I bought the letter H, jingle bells (silver and gold, small and big) and some gold Styrofoam glitter balls.  I grabbed a hot glue gun and started gluing away! I covered the whole H, but there are definitely some gaps. Maybeeee I was supposed to paint the H first, but it still looks good. So easy, cheap, and CUTE!

I got a really cute white ribbon with gold lining from Michael's as well, glued it to the back, and walah! We have a door hanger for the holidays. :)

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